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How To Use Textbuddy's AI Assistant

Select a few lines, a paragraph, or your whole text in the Textbuddy editor and choose an AI assistant action.

Turn your hard-to-read content into plain language with one click on "Improve and simplify."

The AI assistant is part of Textbuddy Premium.
Example: The AI simplifies your text into plain language.


AI copywriter
Fix grammar and spelling
Create headline/summary
Analyze sentiment
Suggest synonyms
Plain English converter

Improve & Simplify

Select one or more sentences in the editor and push the button (or select the tool in the dropdown).

The AI will simplify your selected text and rewrite it into a new, concise version.

Your text example:
A constitution is the aggregate of fundamental principles or established precedents that constitute the legal basis of a polity, organisation or other type of entity and commonly determine how that entity is to be governed. Source: Wikipedia
AI result example:
A constitution is a set of basic rules or traditions. These rules form the legal foundation of a government, organization, or other group. The constitution explains how that group should be managed or controlled.

Here you go!

The readability climbed from 0% to 74%. The CEFR Level changed from C2 (complicated language) to B1 (plain language).

Fix mistakes: Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation Checker

When you are satisfied with what you have written, use your AI assistant to fix any mistakes.
Your text example:
Textbuddy focuses on refined and plain language to creating content supirior to the competition. Its a AI powered online editor for writers.
AI result example:
Textbuddy focuses on refined and plain language to create content superior to the competition. It is an AI-powered online editor for writers.

Textbuddy As Text Writing AI

Use the "Add relevant text" tool of the AI assistant to generate ideas, drafts, templates, and inspiration.

This tool executes your custom GPT prompts.

Your text example:
Why should I use simple language online? Answer in plain language.
AI result example:
Using simple language online helps everyone understand you better. It makes your message clear and easy to read, even for people who might not be experts in the topic. Simple words and sentences can also help your writing reach more people, including those who speak different first languages. Plus, it saves time for both you and your readers.

Sentiment Analysis Tool

GPT understands the sentiment of a text by using a mix of techniques such as word embeddings, contextualized language models, and transfer learning.

It is trained on large sets of text and labels and uses the context of the text to figure out the sentiment. It can also understand the sentiment of individual words, phrases, and sentences.

Your text example:
Would you mind helping me with the text I wrote about the AI text generator? I am not sure if the technical facts are correct or if I got something wrong.
AI result example:
The sentiment of this text is uncertain.