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Use the power of plain language and AI. Our AI text editor simplifies complex text into clear and concise language. Try it now:

AI Text Simplifier

Our AI assistant simplifies content into plain language and takes care of grammar and spelling. You can also feed it custom prompts, or ask any question, and it will help you to the best of its ability.

We use OpenAI's ChatGPT-4 technology to create or simplify text. Let it write a draft and improve it in the Textbuddy writing tool. Use the AI as inspiration to overcome writer's block.

  • Simplify in plain English
  • One-click-synonyms
  • Fix grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Let it write for you as copywriting AI.
  • Read more in the manual.
How to simplify any text with AI
AI assistant manual & examples

Text Editor Features

Textbuddy is an AI text analyzer that highlights possible flaws in your text. It works with more than 50 languages and uses plain language rules to guide you towards clear and concise content.

The text editor points out:
  • Too long sentences
  • Complex words
  • Formatting errors
  • Passive voice *
  • Adverbs *
  • Filler and vague words *
The tool comes with synonyms, CEFR language levels, its own readability score, text statistics, and a keyword list for your text.

* English language only

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What is plain language?

Plain language is an easy and clear way of writing. It provides information quickly and effectively, which helps your writing:
  • Improve communication with your customers, clients, and employees
  • Save time by reducing the need for explanation and revision
  • Make your writing easy to understand
  • Reduce the risk of misinterpretation and confusion
  • Keep your reader's attention
Plain English is a great solution for reaching a broad or global audience. Especially non-native speakers appreciate simple language. You can find more info, checklists, guidelines and templates on plainlanguage.gov/about/definitions/.

How to write more concisely?

Use our writing tool to learn how to write clear content by leaving out as much as possible.

Leverage the rules of plain English to create text that your readers can understand.

The AI assistant helps you when you are stuck or in need of inspiration.

Guide: How to become a better writer?

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